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We are high-expertise consultants

Primarily supporting insurance carriers, as we:

  • Manage complex system transformations
  • Provide insurance accounting, reporting, compliance, and strategic services
  • Instill organizational health
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Insurance Reporting and Financial Compliance

We Keep You Out of Harm’s Way

The sheer volume of regulatory change and implementation, combined with a lack of budget, the low availability of skilled resources, and the need for effective monitoring and cyber resilience puts CFOs and CCOs in harm’s way.

Learn About Our Accounting, Compliance, and Reporting Services

How We Help You

Most Complex Projects Fail. 100% Of Ours Don’t.

We Help You Avoid Fear, Frustration & Failure

  • Develop Project Superstars
    You need resources. But your teams are already over-committed, fatigued, and frustrated. We help your best and brightest leverage our resources and experience to lead your projects to success.
  • Strengthen Vendor Partnerships
    Project timelines that go beyond 12, 18, or 24 months can be difficult to justify, despite the benefits. We help build a foundation that avoids lost time and soaring costs.
  • Guard Against the Creep
    Choosing trusted software vendors makes the difference between a successful launch and a marginal outcome–or outright failure. As an independent consultant, we help you select the best vendors and manage the relationship.
  • Get Leadership Aligned & Excited​​Projects implode or explode when there isn’t 100% buy-in from decision makers. We work alongside your team to proactively support the project and reassure stakeholders that their needs and priorities are also ours.

Learn about TAC4’s Projenomics system for your complex project


Your Culture Can Be Your Competitive Advantage…

Or Your Enemy.

Improving your team’s organizational health increases productivity and performance, elevating your bottom line. Companies that take these necessary steps achieve lasting results and outperform peers. We help you manage your corporate culture as thoroughly as you manage accounting.

How We Develop Healthy Teams

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