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TAC4 combines technical expertise with…

We are your bridge that connects industry expertise with your organization’s values to produce successful projects, high-performing teams and customized system conversions. Our bridge is built on a strong foundation of years of broad business expertise and core principals.


With Our Values, We Improve Your Organization

TAC4 Core Values

We are personally accountable, edifying, and we pursue truth.

Personally Accountable

In a world where entitlement and victimhood are embedded as personal values, TAC4 instead takes ownership of our role, both with our clients and in society.  We believe that we are responsible for solving our own frustrations, for bringing possible solutions instead of just identifying problems, and for constantly seeking improvement.


To edify means to build people up, to lift and encourage intellectually, spiritually, professionally.  We believe people perform better when we lift them up, encourage them, and treat them as human.  It is easy to treat people well when they are performing well and when we agree with them – and we do treat people well.  However, it is much more difficult to build people up in a moment of frustration with them, when we disagree, when they aren’t performing well, or when they do not share our values.  Especially in these more difficult moments, TAC4 seeks to build people up, to seek first to understand before being understood, and to raise the bar of people’s performance with accountability rooted in honor.

We Pursue Truth

Life and business are hard and full of mysteries.  Through decades of soul searching and career improvement, our consultants are wise, skillful, and humble enough to know that we are just at the beginning of the journey.  While complete honesty is a requirement, the pursuit of truth goes further.  In design discussions, we dig for the needs of all parties.  In disagreements, we crave what we are missing from the other side.  In client engagements, we are upfront and honest to a fault, always being vulnerable and seeking what is best for the client.  In life, business, current events, politics, religion, philosophy, psychology, science… we pursue truth.

Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior ©

All of our projects are wrapped in a set of behaviors that center on creating healthy teams for successful projects. We create healthy teams by embedding our Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior© into our clients culture.

  • Personal Responsibility – No Complaining
  • Humility – Recognize that You Don’t have the Full Picture
  • Honor – Respect Everyone
  • Direct Confrontation – Face Issues Directly
  • Vulnerability – Voice Opinions
  • Pursuit of Truth – Speak Only Truth
  • Commitment – Fully Commit
  • Accountability – Everyone Does What They Say They Will Do
  • Edification – Build Everyone Up

Smart, Experienced, Wise

We apply wisdom that comes from working with large organizations and small firms. Both offer insights that have helped us develop our Projenomics® system that looks at the whole organization. We have guided Fortune 500 companies through new system implementations, core process redesign, realignment of policies and procedures to support organizational changes, and numerous other projects that reduced costs, improved efficiencies, and maintained compliance.



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