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We guide your company from yesterday’s challenges to tomorrow’s success

TAC4 applies years of industry expertise to lead organizations in healthcare, insurance, and financial services through demanding business challenges. As we immerse ourselves into your operations, we become the bridge that connects best practices with your institutional knowledge.

Positioned for Success

To manage changing regulatory forces, unpredictable market dynamics, and shifting consumer behavior, we construct a foundation with the flexibility for leadership, teams and systems to respond effectively to uncertainty.

The Big Picture

  • Conduct a sober cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the existing or identified projects
  • Data and technology powered transformation
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Create not just a plan, but a charter for success
  • Elevate team dynamics and experience

The bridge that connects your organization with best practices

We connect best practices and our experience with your organization. It’s a partnership.

Core Industry Expertise

Our services are built on a solid foundation of project management, accounting, IT systems, and analysis. We combine those disciplines with industry-specific capabilities.


  • Allocations expertise
  • Actuarial IT and Financial Systems
  • Premium receipt and claim handling workflows
  • Investment, Risk and reinsurance management
  • STAT and GAAP compliance

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