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Gaining Buy-in and unification in a politically sensitive and diverse organization.  Separate processes and team dynamics across related entities with common transactions and reporting and no history of unification or willingness to explore common positions of interest.

Example Client – Related business entities within one organization structure in six States with separate leadership.  Very diverse business process for the same business transactions that resulted in a very complex and burdensome process.  

TAC4 Resolution 


Work with Management to ensure commitment to a resolution.  Gain an understanding of the company, business needs and team dynamics to identify the right steps forward to achieve the objective.

Key Steps 

  • Listen and understand objectives and needs for stakeholders/company and guide the team with experienced business understanding and project management
  • Determine the guiding principles for the project
  • Ensure clarity on business requirements
  • Teach the TAC4 9 Grounds Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior

Example Client – We unified the team around the project Echo of – “one system one way”. 

Happy Ending

Result of TAC4 involvement is a cohesive team that is committed to unification. An understanding of the guiding principles and buy-in by the team and management.

The result for this project was that the Company was able to move from 10 different general ledger systems and processes to one system one way.  This created significant efficiencies across the organization.