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Do client emergencies control your company?

Is accountability a growing issue in your company?  Do client emergencies prevent you from continuous improvement in your own company? Watch Alan Claypool discuss the difference in companies who have learned the importance of keeping your word vs. those who still struggle.  It is a night and day difference.  You will love the result of […]

No, Jennifer, There Are No Benefits of Gossip

I was surprised to read an article in Psychology Today discussing the 5 benefits of gossip.  While the author stopped just shy of advocating that we gossip frequently, she found more than a silver lining in the cancerous activity – she says that it has actual benefit. As a believer in the utter destruction that talking […]

3 Tools Everyone Should Use for Lively Meetings

“I hate meetings”.  I heard it again yesterday.  I hear it frequently, because many meetings suck the energy out of staff.  If your meetings are about status updates, your people are withering on the vine, losing interest in your company and your leadership. Because you care about productivity, you created an environment where there is […]

A church example: changing culture over time

When you have a good idea for your organization, do you remember the crucial step of getting buy-in from your folks?  Watch Chad Hayes, a church client of ours, discuss how crucial it is and how slow it can be to energize staff into new behaviors. This conversation occurred at TAC4 Solutions’ first Echoes Dinner, […]

Is common sense common behavior in your company?

Have you noticed how seldom people in your organization live by common sense?  How things they know to do don’t get done?  Inform someone of a decision if it impacts them.  Treat others with respect.  Prioritize your day by the tasks that will be the most effective.  Easy stuff to do, right?  And yet so […]

Testimony from a great 9GR meeting

Have you had meetings where 2 sides degraded into an Us vs. Them free-for-all?  You may be interested in hearing from Kentucky’s Commissioner of Insurance about how the Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior(TM) transformed his 2 sides into a unified front.  Even the birds got excited to hear this story! Click here to download TAC4’s free […]