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No, Jennifer, There Are No Benefits of Gossip

I was surprised to read an article in Psychology Today discussing the 5 benefits of gossip.  While the author stopped just shy of advocating that we gossip frequently, she found more than a silver lining in the cancerous activity – she says that it has actual benefit. As a believer in the utter destruction that talking […]

Is common sense common behavior in your company?

Have you noticed how seldom people in your organization live by common sense?  How things they know to do don’t get done?  Inform someone of a decision if it impacts them.  Treat others with respect.  Prioritize your day by the tasks that will be the most effective.  Easy stuff to do, right?  And yet so […]

What to do with the amygdala

One of the common challenges in building organizational health is that team members just don’t get along.  You make multiple attempts at mediation, and yet their problems with each other seem too deep-seated.  TAC4 Solutions encounters this type of conflict with most all of our clients  Thus, we put together a short video of what these […]