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At Tac4, we understand the internal burdens you face while implementing large, complex system conversions. That’s where we come in. We’re experts in the technical foundations of insurance accounting compliance and building the healthy, accountable teams that make it happen. We’re the bridge. Our technical expertise and unique ability to create high performing internal teams while managing external vendors keeps projects on track and successful. We give your team the tools they need to work more effectively during implementation and make sure they have the skills to manage the system once it’s in place.


Insurance Specific Expertise

  • 30 years of experience and understanding of insurance specific IT, accounting and regulatory compliance (STAT and GAAP)
  • IT and data architecture
  • Actuarial information understanding as it relates to IT and Financial Systems
  • Expertise with premium receipt and claim handling and related processing workflows
  • Expertise around investment and reinsurance reporting and compliance


Technical Expertise

  • Financial systems and Data architecture
  • Allocations expertise
  • Data manipulation and cleansing
  • Training complex topics to end users
  • Process improvement
  • Organizational health training


Project Management

  • Certified PM’s with deep insurance experience
  • Vendor Selection assistance and process improvements
  • Complex financial systems and project conversion
  • We rescue failing projects
  • Change management with emphasis on enterprise-wide buy-in, team dynamics, constant communication, and IT/QA standards



  • Experts at forming engaged cohesive teams
  • Organizational health assessment and conversion
  • Building “Project Echo”, the guiding principles that drive project decisions
  • Building leaders who effectively speak their mind and training teams to be solutions-oriented
  • Developing effective working relationships, especially between IT and the business