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Project Readiness is a game changer.


Download our questionnaire to assess if you are ready.


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How can Project Readiness help?

Once your software vendor arrives, you are off to the races, with tons of design questions to answer, tons of data to produce, tons of deadlines to meet.  You will have no time to do the difficult heavy lifting of research to ensure that you design the best system to meet your future needs.

Why Prepare?

  • 70% of complex projects fail, most having not done due diligence preparation
  • Your team is already overloaded with their day job, and now you’re about to give them an additional full-time job
  • You need to deep dive into your current system configuration and your business requirements, understanding why decisions were made 30 years ago at your last implementation, so that you can make better decisions with this new system
  • You need to be as ready as possible for the onslaught of vendor design questions
  • The unfortunate norm is to “Lift and Shift” – to just take your current system design and dirty data and cram it into the new shiny system.  This will not prepare you for the future!