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70% of Complex Projects Struggle or Even Fail.

100% of TAC4 Projects Succeed.

Are you preparing for a system transformation? 

Come learn about the treacherous journey you are about to begin,

and let TAC4 guide you to astounding success.

Most Complex Projects Fail!

System transformations are inherently complex. Most wind up over budget, taking longer than expected, or resulting in a solution that does not meet the needs of the business today or into the future. All these are included in the definition of complex project failure.

The following risks highlight why projects are difficult to complete with success:

  • Complex projects are infrequent. Project teams are often pulled together with team members having little or no experience working a complex project.
  • Data architecture and system design expertise is imperative. Understanding your current system design is not a guarantee of future system success. Deep data architecture and system design expertise will assure that crucial decisions are made with future success in mind.
  • Internal teams are often overloaded in their full time job. Expecting employees who are already overloaded in their full-time job to add another project (another full-time job) to their workload is a significant risk to the outcome of the project. Resources may leave or decisions will be made quickly in an effort to complete the work.
  • Project managers without successful complex project experience is the primary source of project failure. Project managers may have run projects before, but a complex project is exponentially more difficult and risky.
  • The vendor knows their software, The vendor does not know your data, processes, business strategy, and people. Your people still must make the myriad of decisions that will impact the design of your system for optimum future success.
  • Corporate alignment on project goals is rare. Leadership may have decided to move forward with a project, but alignment on the goals and details is rare. It is impossible to move a project toward success without corporate alignment on what success looks like.

You CAN beat the odds.  Let TAC4 guide your project with Projenomics(R).

Projenomics(R) – the Laws of Projects


Businessmen working together to build a puzzle. Concept of teamwork, partnership, integration and startup.

Complex projects require more than just project management to succeed.  Since complex projects are prone to fail, they  require high expertise in not only project management, but also expertise in system design, data architecture, financials, process improvement, culture, industry knowledge, and institutional knowledge.


TAC4 Solutions brings all of this expertise to your complex project.  As client-side project managers, we immerse ourselves into your processes, data, and people so that we can help you make the best decisions for your system to prepare you for your future.

Projenomics Gets You There

Destination: Success

On Time.  On Budget.  On Target.

Defeating the odds and achieving a 100% success rate when 70% of complex projects fail means you achieve strategic objectives, meet deadlines, and stay within your budget.  Projenomics reinvents the process of managing complex system transformations.

Project Accelerator

High-Octane Launch

We conduct an intense week-long Project Accelerator workshop to establish your project’s foundation and solidify a culture of success, so that your project maintains energy and has guardrails to stay on course.  We create project guiding principles and solutions-oriented behaviors to launch the project and ensure alignment with executive goals.

Institutional Knowledge

Leveraging Your Expertise

Every stage of complex project implementation benefits from your collective history of policies, data, skillsets, techniques, processes, values, and experience.  We merge our system transformation expertise with the deep understanding of your institutional knowledge to help you build a better future.

Structured and Systematic

Charting the Course

Defining and managing the details with you ensures the project meets crucial steps and uses proven methods for solving problems.  Our PMI-certified project managers balance project rigor with the nimbleness required for fast decisions and efficient work.


At Your Side from Start to Finish

By working alongside your team as peers, leaders, and guides, we help you unlock solutions so your team and project benefit from the best practices we introduce to your company.  We understand that you already have a full-time job beyond the project.  We carry your load, performing many of the tedious and difficult tasks of the project, such as design, data cleansing, and testing.

Assumption Traps

Trust and Validate

System transformations require questioning and evaluating long-established workflows, policies, and account structures in light of what a modern data platform offers.  We dive deep, knowing that shared understanding between you and the vendor does not come naturally.

Increased Clarity

Unified Vision and Communication

Leadership goals are easily lost track of during the myriad of detailed decisions on a project. We create and constantly use a Project Echo to keep project goals top of mind.  Eliminating ambiguity increases clarity and prepares your team to accept greater responsibility, increase productivity, and identify inefficiencies.

Project Readiness with TAC4

A primary reason projects fail is a lack of preparing for the difficult journey of a project.  At TAC4, we spend significant time with the client, getting to know their data, systems, processes, and people/culture as well as they do.  Then, we guide them through specific conversations and designs to ensure that they will make great decisions once the vendor shows up for the implementation.

To ensure that you are prepared for your upcoming project, download our Project Readiness Questionnaire.

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Objective and Unbiased

One Focus – Your Success

As an independent consultancy, we conduct impartial evaluations of potential vendors based on how their solution meets your needs and budget.

We want you to succeed. Period.

Projenomics(R) is a registered trademark of TAC4 Solutions.


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