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A company has made a significant commitment to move to a new business system. There are challenges and concerns with the internal staff being able to implement the new system in a way that will meet the objectives of the company and align with strategic initiatives for the future.  It is a burden on the current staff which has regular job activities as they do not manage the implementation of complex systems on a regular basis and may lack time, perspective, and process design expertise to achieve the objective.

We handled the replacement of legacy and outdated systems that include complex processes and critical business functions in the financial accounting and transactional areas with the intent to review the current process to review and redesign to ensure effective processes with proper controls to perform company business as required.


TAC4 Resolution 


Work with Management to ensure a clear understanding of what the new system is expected to do for the organization. Gain an understanding of the company, business needs and team dynamics to identify the right steps forward to achieve the objective.

Key Steps 

  • Listen and understand your objectives and needs
  • Determine the guiding principles for the project
  • Ensure clarity on business requirements
  • Manage vendors to success with proven vendor management principles
  • Lead development of Current/Future State documentation
  • Overall project management

We assisted clients in reviewing, selecting, and implementing a new enterprise-wide financial system that would replace multiple legacy systems in several reporting jurisdictions with specific requirements.  We not only managed the project from the beginning to end but we also supported the client with specific work product and business architecture required by the project and data architecture in addition to overseeing the implementation of third party vendors utilized by the client.  

Happy Ending 

Result of TAC4 involvement was to enable the client team to work through the implementation process for a new financial system with our established process and added business expertise to ensure the set up of a system that would provide the functionality and controls needed by the business and established strategy by the company.   

The result for this project was that the Company was able to timely and effectively implement a new system that allowed them to reach the business goal of moving to a new financial system which created significant efficiencies and a stable system across the organization.