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At TAC₄ Solutions, we are the bridge between your organization’s core strengths and institutional practices pair our business and project support with you, including creating a healthy team dynamic, that improves project success. Our unique Projenomics® system brings unfiltered feedback and best practices that combine with your institutional knowledge to deliver unique solutions.

What is Projenomics®?

The Projenomics® system is based on the laws of business, project management, and financial controls and compliance, coupled with specific industry knowledge and understanding combined together with and your corporate culture to offer a complete process redesign and is carefully implemented.
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Organizational Health

Our experts at TAC₄ Solutions have the industry knowledge to help improve organizational health so you and your teams are more effective and productive. Our goal is to challenge the assumptions of existing business practices and focus on enhancing your team’s dynamics.

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Executive Strategy & Team Development

TAC₄ Solutions creates a two-way exchange with business leaders to guide them through building healthy teams that produce successful projects.

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One significant benefit of TAC4 Solutions is our ability to immerse ourselves into a client’s business operations to become company experts. This expertise is seamlessly and systematically applied to our executive development and team training processes, creating a new cohesiveness that results in greater productivity and commitment.

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T. Alan Claypool, founder and owner of TAC₄ Solutions, is an experienced speaker on topics including business strategy, project management, business process design, finance, industry knowledge, and enhancing team dynamics. Take the step to energize your business or organization.

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