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Implementing Proven Processes to Build More Cohesive Teams

At TAC₄ Solutions, we help move businesses forward by converting their employees into a purpose-driven workforce. Our carefully laid- out ground rules will give your company guidelines that eliminate workplace drama, internal politics, and cross-departmental blame.

Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior

The Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior fall under three categories: mindset change, behavior change, and implementing habits. They are designed as fundamental steps to increase success by transforming employee behavior and creating a mutual respect amongst your workforce.

  • Mindset Change (Beliefs)
    • Personal Responsibility – No complaining
    • Humility – Recognize that you don’t have the full picture
    • Honor – Respect everyone
  • Behavior Change (Actions)
    • Direct Confrontation – Face issues directly
    • Vulnerability – Voice opinions
    • Pursuit of Truth – Speak only truth
  • Implement Habits
    • Commitment – Fully commit
    • Accountability – Everyone does what they say they will do
    • Edification – Build everyone up


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