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Oftentimes, it seems these days that CEO s are working 24/7 with no relief in sight. In order to restore energy and joy to the workplace, and specifically the CEO, we will share what we believe are the six most destructive team behaviors that suck the life from a CEO as well as the six changes that restore a CEO’s energy.

6 Team Behaviors that Suck the Life from a CEO

  1. Drama and chaos grind decision-making to a stop
  2. Dealing with the same problems over and over again
  3. Skepticism instead of solutions
  4. Blame and accusations fly from the bottom up
  5. Too many problems come back to the CEO
  6. Worries of the business follow you home

6 Changes to Restore a CEO’s Energy

  1. Refuse to accept gossip
  2. Hold people accountable
  3. Create a continuous improvement culture
  4. Over-communicate decisions to the appropriate parties
  5. Be consistent
  6. Create a culture of honor

If you do these things well, you will be amazed at how quickly others will join you in new behaviors that radically reduce your frustration and reenergize you about your great company.



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