Creating a Personal Echo

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Are you tired of managing the noise of mixed messages and internal politics? TAC4 Solutions offers a seminar that will revolutionize your work and personal environment. During this exciting and engaging day you will learn how to solve mixed messages from management, relieve yourself from being the “puppet master of noise,” and learn how to train your teams to be solutions-oriented with every single problem that arises on your projects.

Participants will leave the seminar with The Echo, the answers to these foundational personal questions:

  • Why do we exist?
    • Must be completely idealistic
    • Must inspire
  • What do we do?
    • Simple and direct explanation of our skills
  • What do we value?
    • Small set of core values
    • We are intolerant around these behaviors
  • How will we succeed?
    • Develop a strategy for success
    • So fundamental that they will be used as filters to inform every other decision
  • What is most important, right now?
    • If everything is important, then nothing is
  • Who must do what?
    • Address roles and responsibilities

As a framework for learning how to build clarity on a project or for an entire organization, this training walks participants through the process of dialing into, discerning, developing, and deploying The Sound of Clarity in their own life. The methods used to bring clarity to participants include the following four steps:

  • Dial Into The Sound – Ensure our individual behavior is transparent and authentic
  • Discern The Sound – Know who you are
  • Develop The Sound – Determine a roadmap for success
  • Deploy The Sound – Reinforce the Sound by aligning our internal processes with our values and highest priorities

Achieving personal clarity yields the following benefits:

  • Make better decisions
  • Get smarter over time
  • Fully resolve root causes of issues
  • Relationships complement and leverage each other
  • Time spent on those activities that matter

Finally, we will show participants how to create The Echo as an extension of a Project Charter, providing a drive and momentum that motivates the project team to success.