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We Fix Failed Projects!

Projects are a norm in business. They are the method of process improvement. With projects so crucial to the life of an organization, it is important to running successful projects. And yet research shows that 70% of projects fail! When projects fail, not only does the business struggle to move forward, we often resort to blame and behaviors that break trust across departments.

TAC₄ Solutions can help you pinpoint the root causes that your projects fail, and we can reset the project and the project team to be able to create success and build trust.

We are the Project Fixer
Our PMs are all certified Project Management Professionals with PMI and have managed over 100 large IT projects.

The three primary reasons IT projects fail are:

  1. Inexperienced project managers
  2. Leadership gaps in project sponsorship
  3. Failure to set and manage proper expectations

If you have a struggling project, it is better to recognize early that it is off the rails, pause the project, and reset it for success. Do not wait until the entire budget is gone, with only a quarter of the scope completed!

TAC₄ Solutions can help you

  1. Pause the project for root cause investigation
  2. Conduct a sober cost-benefit analysis to ensure the project is worth continuing
  3. Build a new project charter – one that is reasonable and that will guide you to project success
  4. Develop the right team, including an experienced project manager
  5. Develop new team dynamics (e.g., daily standups, project rigor, honest reporting, IT standards, backlog analysis and prioritization, solutions-oriented behaviors)

If you are in a struggling project, contact us today before the project takes the culture and profitability down with it